How Can WordPress Be A Better CMS For Your Online Presence

How Can WordPress Be A Better CMS For Your Online Presence

Content management systems have reshaped how we perceived the task of sophisticated website design and development. It shifted the core tasks of working with codes and languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., to simple drag-and-drop options, or, in other words using a WYSIWYG editor to people its user-friendliness for people even with no coding or programming experience.

Although hundreds of such CMS software’s to the users and web development company expertise, nothing has been as innovative and disruptive as WordPress to date. With 36.1% comprehensive usage statistics for total existing websites, it also dominates the overall CMS market, with nearly 63% of the share. Besides being one of the favorite blogging destinations with its exceptional upgradations, ease of use, and flexibility, many enterprises are also adopting WordPress as their content management system for use by taking help from professional services from website development companies.

However, these empirical figures are just not enough to make a go for WordPress as your choice of CMS for your online presence. Here are a few handful of reasons that not only make up for this CMS’ popularity but also make it equally advantageous at the same time.

Easiest User Interface Ensuring Best User Experience

The first and foremost pro that WordPress delivers through its CMS platform is the easy to use WYSIWYG editor. It is the convenient user interface that can be used by even the most non-technical users for their website building and ensures high-end user experience to its user. This is what makes WordPress one of the most preferred CMS choices for bloggers and small businesses (or service providers) to establish their presence online. And this often comes without spending too much time learning website designing, but rather invest it working more in your business areas.

WordPress CMS provides secure options to do so from managing your front-end design to handling the content at the back-end.

Proactive & Reliable

IT has been one of the biggest game-changers in terms of technology and has been continuously evolving. For this reason, web technology also has to undergo consistent changes. Copying up with this fast-paced growth becomes an issue for various CMS platforms and websites since such updates often open gates for various loopholes and security vulnerabilities. WordPress deals with these proactively and provides regular updates ( both in the manual and automated form) for its core versions and add-ons and plugins.

Flexible CMS with Plenty of Plugins

WordPress offers some of the biggest abundances of add ons and plugins for offering generalized solutions for small and medium businesses including E-Commerce solutions, whereas, it is also capable of providing complex enterprise solutions at the same time, thus adding more to the overall flexibility of the platform compared to their counterparts. Most wordpress utility plugins are available for free of cost, making it more preferable to be the first choice for web design and development needs.

Super-Fast & Responsive

 Wordpress makes website design easy and less time-consuming, but it also offers a considerable variation in the choice of designs and templates. Most of them are responsive as per WordPress web design & template standards acquiescence. Moreover, there are plenty of tricks that you can always use to optimize your website for a better experience and a speedy performance, such as using cache and CDN to say, for instance. 

These two features particularly bode well for WordPress when compared to other cms in the meantime.

Most SEO Friendly CMS in Town

One of the biggest things that matter to any website or business online is its visibility to prospective users over search engines. And this is addressed quite well by wordpress. Apart from several dedicated SEO plugins and extensions, wordpress is backed with proper content structuring (such as xml-sitemaps), which adds more to its visibility towards prominent search engines like Google.

Makes Everything Easy to Share

While social media is another channel of digital marketing that cannot be overlooked wordpress does tackle this well by providing easy & simple sharing options for your content and website over social media other than offering countless API for ready to go third party resource integration as well thus adding more to its scalability and not limiting to just social media but a variety of other analytics and similar tools.

Open Source Availability and Extensive Community Support

WordPress is open-source software that means its source code is available to users and dedicated wordpress developers to contribute, which has attracted some of the largest developer community via plenty of forums other than WordPress itself.

Looking at the above factors should make it come to you as no surprise as to why wordpress is the ruling authority when it comes to CMS, and this is also one of those reasons why big companies such as the Fortune 500 ( including sony and xerox) are investing in this technology.  Adding more, even if you do plan to reach out to a web design and development services agency for your wordpress website, the service charges are usually quite nominal when compared to other cms due to their demands for expertise – another advantage of the CMS that makes it unmatchable.

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