Top Trends to Use by Professionals in Digital Marketing

Top Trends to Use by Professionals in Digital Marketing

In this modern digital era, overlooking the digital marketing channels can be punishing for your business. However, these channels have evolved to entirely new forms, giving rise to even more viable and disruptive trends, leveraging, which can be the key revenue sources for organizations worldwide.

While a multi-billion dollar industry market capital seems quite promising to whatever is said above, with technology being the key driving element, there are still plenty of changes yet remain that various digital marketing companies and individuals are trying to utilize for the best of their benefits.

So let’s look at some of those upcoming trends of digital marketing in 2020 in detail.

Searches Will Be Conversational

With over 80% of overall searches being made via voice, the emphasis of this drastic shift as a means of user engagement through voice is going to be the demand for businesses and organizations seeking to strengthen their presence online. Besides, it is the increasing sales of smart speakers and the overwhelming billion dollar plus ecommerce sales figures ( starting with a voice search) that’s going to make the experts and analysts invest more time cracking the code as to how to engage new users via voice tech.

However, this technology is also proving its benefits as a reliable enterprise solution for industries like the healthcare service, so software development companies will be interested in discovering more of the potential of this technology, which is still expected to be in its incubation stage.

More Chatbots At The Consumer Services Frontlines

Chatbots are consistently being powered by the growing technological advancements of AI techniques such as NLP and the neural networks. They have been well handling the role of customer support functions at the frontlines. Not only has this technology been effective so far, but even the users are also more readily preferring this new face of consumer support with more than 40% going for a chatbot instead of giving the customer support team a call. The pros of using this technology are making nearly 4 out of every 5 businesses online and making use of chatbots to help their business in one way or the other.

Content Is Shifting Towards Visual And Videos

Though being a backbone of marketing, text-based channels for content marketing has almost reached its saturation, and it’s time that businesses start generating more media-rich content to engross user’s preference.

More than 70% of businesses believe video marketing is more impactful on their returns on investments and conversion rates, where even the same percentage of users endorsed and shared a brand video on their profiles to families and friends.

Besides, interactive content in the form of Augmented reality, 360° images & videos have been quite effective in providing a highly immersive experience to users. More than 90% of the marketers today believe that it can be an excellent means of enhancing the overall brand awareness among consumers online, so companies will be leaning more towards the use of such cutting edge technology in 2020 to increase overall immersive user experience.

Social Messaging Apps Will Personalize Marketing Even More

Companies and businesses will be inclined more towards the ever-growing world of social messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook messenger apart from the traditional techniques like email marketing and social media to reach the billions of users. Besides, these apps have indeed exhibited an impact on user engagement rates by taking it up as much as upto 800% when compared to promotions via traditional channels like social media posts.

These messaging apps are being influenced by chatbots as well, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them work together. Facebook Messenger chatbots integration is an early example of this.

Don’t Stick To Just One Channel For Your Marketing

Internet and web technology is constantly evolving and undergoing disruptive changes. The same has impacted consumer behavior and consumer preference in the meantime. While capturing a channel or two for your business marketing online might have delivered you the expected result, it is not going ro be the case anymore. To make the most of your marketing campaigns, the need to go omnichannel today more than ever. Merely working on just search visibility, or social media campaigns is not going to be enough.

There are chances that you will likely be increasing your revenues upto 800% by adhering to the multiple channels instead of focusing on just one. That is what various digital marketing agencies are following as well as a part of their futuristic approach to marketing their business via digital means.

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